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SSG is a non-profit humanitarian organization that reaches to refugees in the MiddleEast through the work of talented employees involved in advocacy, resettlement assistance, emergency relief, and rehabilitation among other projects for the purpose of improving the quality of life and emboldening self-sufficiency.SSG is working to build Multi-Service community Center in Turkey in the areas of education, vocational training, psychosocial support, legal assistant and primary Health Care PHC as an NGO. SSG strives to advance social justice with the provision of such service for refugees without any political or religious agenda to overcome exclusion and suffering, keeping in line the preservation of basic human dignity and well-being.


SSG strives to provide free assistance without discrimination against one’s nationality race religious beliefs, class or political opinions.SSG is committed to turning the crisis into life-changing opportunities for vulnerable refugees in the Middle East.


SSG is committed to partnering with communities which are in need and transferring them from victims of vulnerability and marginalization to empower participants in sustainable development, rebuilding communities for war-traumatized children rehabilitation for health care reunification for separated families restores lost livelihoods and the establishment of educational facilities are some of the pillars of SSGs focus and commitment.

SSG offices provide a range of assistance aimed at helping new arrivals be settled, adjust and acquire the skills to become self-sufficient and Committed to restoring dignity and self-reliance.SSG is a global symbol of hope and renewal for those who have taken flight in search of freedom.

Programs and Activities

All refugees who approach the center are accepted.

SSG organizes and manages all affairs of the refugees through the registration department where they collect all necessary data concerning their needs and problems. Each refugee is given a number for identification, which enables him to access services and assistance in the center.

In Turkey, our programs are designed to bridge the gap between immediate relief and long-term community development.

Vocational and training center

Vocational and training center:

Languages courses English, Turkish, Arabic

Management and accounting courses

Computer science, network

Programming courses

Programming courses

HRM and nutrition course

Fine arts courses

Design courses

Tourism courses


SSG structure for activities and services

Formal Education


Workshops and semesters

School registration 

Legal Assistance

legal research center.

Civil Registry (legal documentation).

Legal assistance/Limitation of succession.

Contract organization.

Consultation legitimacy committee.

Accommodation office.


Registration Department

Referral Offices

Help Desk

Registration Offices

Hotline services



Medical center.

Free pharmacy.


Vaccines office.

Office of referral Health system.

Physiological clinic.

PSS outreach team.


Social activities:

Office of organizing social events.

Social lectures and seminars events.

Woman rights and child protection.

Social outreach team

about ssg

SSG is a humanitarian organization registered formally in Turkey as a Turkish NGO under the name Sosyal Suriye Grupları, with registration no 31-021-035.

SSG seeks to spread knowledge of international humanitarian laws, basic principles of human rights, and raise global awareness of the suffering of refugees and vulnerable in the Middle East, show the importance of meeting the growing needs in this region. Working to provide them with humanitarian services to ensure human dignity and freedom and to obtain their rights under humanitarian and international standards.

SSG organization was founded on the Turkish land with the support of the Turkish government legally and logistically to provide humanitarian services to the refugees.

Turkish people embraced the Syrian people in their suffering, which enabled us to deliver our services to fill the gap of needs, SSG offers deep gratitude and thanks to the Turkish people and Turkish government for supporting us.

SSG hope this good environment would continue to help to fulfill our duties toward accomplishing well-being to all humans.SSG working day by day to Support access to all our services for the most vulnerable population impacted by the Syrian crisis helping them to get full human rights.

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